Production engineering

Production engineering


- Production range from Ø5-220 mm and up to 850 mm in length

- Optimum lot size 50-1500 ea

- Many different materials, e.g. sand casting, chill casting and die casting

- Machining of forged and soldered parts

- Production on turning lathes with C-axis and power-driven tools

- Vertical, with automatic blank feed

- Horizontal, as chuck-held and bar-feed machining, all machines with tailstock

Possible uses for turning parts


- Workpieces up to a size of 400x300x300mm

- Optimum lot size 30-500 ea

- Many different materials, e.g. sand casting, chill casting and die casting

- Vertical 4-axis machining centres, partly with pallet changer and speeds of up to 16,000 rpm for machining aluminium

- Gear-cutting on Köpfer 160 machine

Possible uses for milled parts


- On-centre grinding for diameters up to Ø300 and up to 1000 mm in length

- Taper grinding

- Internal cylindrical grinding

- Optimum lot size 1-500 ea

- All steels and special alloys

- Machining on Swiss-made precision machines

Anwendungsbeispiele von Schleifteilen

Other machining processes

We also offer:

- Gear cutting

- Knurling

- Pressing

- Welding

Surfaces and Materials


We offer a large number of surface treatment and machining processes.

- Chromium plating

- Nickel plating

- Zink plating

- Chromating

- Anodising (all colours)

- Burnishing

- Oxidising

- Barrel finishing

- Glassbead blasting

- Case hardening

- Induction hardening

- Tempering


- Machining steel

- Case-hardening and tempering steel

- High-quality steel

- Stainless steel

- Aluminium alloys

- Brass and similar copper alloys

- Plastics

- Special alloys

If you plan to work with other materials or if you have a special inquery please contact us via phone +49 6123 / 185 30 00 or send us a request.